Neighbourhood Plan


    High Littleton and Hallatrow Parish - Neighbourhood Plan

    High Littleton Parish Council wishes to announce its intention to create a neighbourhood plan.

    Neighbourhood plans enable local people to have a say in the shape of development in their area. Creating a Plan is a new way for communities to influence the future of the places where they live and work. The Council recognise that it is local people who understand the wider needs of their community and their voices should be heard. A Neighbourhood Plan would address this.

    The local community needs to be involved in the Neighbourhood Plan.  Therefore the Parish Council are looking to set up a steering group, which would include members of the public as well as representatives from the Parish Council. The initial steering group may possibly need to increase and will seek volunteers to act as facilitators to undertake key tasks, and people who can provide assistance as and when needed so that when the Plan is ready for examination it will be backed by provable evidence.

    If you are interested in taking part in working on the Plan then please talk to Councillor Peter Savage Tel:-   01761 479360       Email:-



    High Littleton & Hallatrow Neighbourhood Plan Drop In Launch held on

    Saturday 26th November 2016

    Some 80 parishioners attended the Neighbourhood Plan (NP) drop-in event on Saturday 26th November 2016 and provided varied and strong comments on a wide range of issues. Of particular note, was concern over traffic density and speed in the villages and the reduction in bus services. A number of Hallatrow residents were concerned over the lack of facilities there. Many people appreciated the need for some housing development but only if the rural character of the Parish could be preserved. Thank you to all who attended the drop-in event and provided feedback. The NP Steering Group will now start working to process and analyse the many comments provided and will decide what supporting studies are needed before developing the policies and proposals to be included in the NP. Parishioners’ views will be sought at a further community engagement event to be held in 2017.

    Feedback on views expressed at the NP Drop-in event on 26th November 2016 is being delivered to parishioners. The views of local businesses
    are also being sought and a Landscape Assessment Survey is to be undertaken to support the NP. Work is underway in drafting the NP for
    consultation with parishioners later this year.


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